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1 Super Easy Way to Earn More SQ KrisFlyer Miles

1 Super Easy Way to Earn More SQ KrisFlyer Miles
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles

In Singapore, a lot of us are in on the “miles game”. Primarily, although not exclusively, this is done with Singapore Airlines’ flagship loyalty programme – KrisFlyer.

However, when it comes to earning KrisFlyer miles on credit card spend, it can sometimes feel like we’re never earning enough.

Well, there are always ways to accelerate how many KrisFlyer miles we accumulate.

Here’s one super easy way for you to earn more KrisFlyer miles with your spend.

Kris+ app: Earn miles on dining and retail

It’s an app for your smartphone called “Kris+” and it’s easy to just download on your phone via either the App Store or Google Play store.

What it does is it allows you to earn up to 12 miles per dollar of spend on a range of retail, dining and leisure partners in Singapore.

After you’ve downloaded the app, you can link your Kris+ account to your KrisFlyer number so whatever is earned on the app can be easily transferred into your KrisFlyer account.

The great thing is that there are also select discounts (sometimes 10-15%) for these partners if you use Kris+ to pay.

So, here are a few things to know about Kris+ so you can get the most out of it.

1. Transfer miles earned immediately into KrisFlyer

After you’re in the Kris+ app, you can search for a range of partners that you could potentially spend on.

Once spending in-app on Kris+ and making payment, you’ll be awarded a certain number of miles.

It’s crucial that you then transfer those KrisFlyer miles immediately into your KrisFlyer account because you have only seven days to do that.

If you don’t, those KrisFlyer miles become stuck in the Kris+ app as “KrisPay miles” which are worth less and can only be used at Kris+ merchants as payment.

2. Double dip on miles with credit card spend

One of the best things about Kris+ is that you can effectively “double dip” on miles by spending on a miles-earning credit card.

This is done via the in-app payment method in Kris+, which utilises Apple Pay or Google Pay.

However, since it’s technically coded as an “online transaction” one of the best credit cards to use for this is the DBS Woman’s World MasterCard.

Remember, that card gives you 10x DBS points (or 4 miles per dollar) for all online spend.

Accelerating your KrisFlyer miles earnings

So, that’s it for all those miles chasers out there in Singapore. Kris+ is a simple yet effective way for you to get more KrisFlyer miles for your spend.

Remember to transfer immediately after earning and to ensure you put the spend on an online spending card so you can double dip on those miles.

Happy miles hunting!

If you're new to the miles game, check out my e-book: Chasing Miles - A Beginner's Guide to Singapore's Best Air Miles Credit Cards.