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1 Singapore Air Miles Credit Card to Avoid If You Love KrisFlyer Miles

Singapore Airlines and its KrisFlyer Miles programme. If you’re into earning air miles in Singapore via your credit card spend, there are few things I think people need to watch out for. 

First up is that a lot of the worst programmes – or the worst miles earn rates – are actually marketed really hard to consumers for a reason. That’s because their miles earn rate is poor.

Yet for some of the best Singapore miles cards out there, you don't really hear much about them because the banks likely aren’t making as much money when you spend on those cards. 

So, here's one air miles credit card in Singapore that you should avoid if you want to optimise your KrisFlyer miles earn rate.

American Express KrisFlyer? No thanks 

It’s the American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer credit card, which gives you only 1.1 miles per dollar spent. 

Now, there is a higher tier called the American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend credit card, which gives you 1.2 miles per dollar spent. 

But either way both of those rates are absolutely terrible if you compare them to what else is out there in Singapore. A lot of credit cards issued by the likes of UOB or DBS can give you 4 miles per dollar or even up to 6 miles per dollar. 

One of the key benefits of the American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer credit card is that you don't have to earn the bank points first and then transfer them into air miles.

That’s because American Express does it for you automatically. Hence, your miles earned in the previous month go into your KrisFlyer account at the beginning of the next month.

American Express cards are not always accepted

One of the key drawbacks of the card, in addition to the awful earn rates, is that not all merchants accept American Express credit cards.

If you see places that do accept credit cards, the default options will always be Visa and MasterCard. Many, however, accept those two but not Amex.

Not a card for Singapore air miles lovers

So, if you're actually serious about earning more miles in Singapore and want to accelerate your miles earn rate in relation to your spending, then this is the one credit card that you need to avoid. 

The card does offer some decent sign-up bonuses so if you are bothered to go through the trouble of signing up and hitting the spending targets then that could be an option for you. However, after that, the card should be put safely deposited in a place where it can’t be used.